Why are there over 700 LMS vendors?

Why ARE there so many LMS vendors? Why isn’t the market consolidated like, say, the CRM market (Salesforce)? I’m sharing a post by John Leh of Talented Learning that explores the reasons for this market choice/fragmentation (depending on which way you see it). There’s a link to the full article below, but this extract goes quite a way towards capturing the candy-store nature of the current LMS market: Cloud technology…

Free eLearning course to boost sales

Want to make money selling online courses? Start by giving them away for free.

If you are building a business selling online courses, one of the best things you can do is start by giving one away for free. You probably won’t make much money over the first few weeks anyway, so it’s not as if such a burst of generosity will lose you revenue. In fact it’s more likely to bring in more revenue in the long run than if you put everything…

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How to sell online courses

Launching an eLearning business? For the Edupreneurs among you, here’s a helpful introduction to selling courses online. It may serve as a refresher for those already in business or help to get you off the ground if you’re just starting out. It offers useful suggestions on: How to create valuable eLearning content Differentiating yourself from competitors Formatting courses Choosing a platform Marketing your courses. How To Sell Online Courses

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Choosing an eCommerce platform – the right questions to ask

In order to sell courses online, a means of taking payments is an absolute requirement. Here’s an article that provides a list of questions to ask when choosing an eCommerce platform.  Licensed or hosted? Can it automatically enroll learners? What data can it capture for you? How does it handle notification emails? The article addresses these and plenty more aspects of eCommerce for eLearning. Surprise eCommerce vendors by asking smart…