A flowchart for starting a profitable eLearning business

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Plot your course before you start sailing

I like it when bloggers cover the real pain points of starting an eLearning business: the emotional highs and lows that are so very real to the fledgling (and seasoned) edupreneur. Anyone who puts an understanding arm around your shoulders and tells you what it’s going to be like is, in business terms, a true friend. This kind of advice prepares you mentally for the journey and is more valuable than the techy stuff. In my opinion Natalie Lussier is the best at this. Check out her honest and funny 38 Things Nobody Talks About When Launching an Online Course. That’s the kind of guidance edupreneurs need: tales from the coal face of edupreneurship. Nathalie Lussier supplies them by the truckload.

Here’s another good one, though. I found her on elearningindustry.com (why is it always women who give the best advice? Discuss). Her name is Juste Semetaite and she has written some pretty useful material for edupreneurs. Here’s her What it Takes to Kick off an eLearning Business. She seems to care about you and your eLearning business. She’s less about the emotional rollercoaster that Nathalie, but shows she cares through some great tips, including this flowchart for kicking off your business:

elearning, ecommerce, edupreneur, flowchart, planning, elearning business
Use this to identify your target market and write a course they can’t do without

Technology moves on and platforms come and go, but at its heart this business will always be about giving something of real practical value to people with a focus on top quality to keep them coming back for more. That’s why worrying about things like colours on your website before doing this basic research and creating a solid course is like ‘picking out the tile pattern before you’ve even built your house.’

She has written a fuller guide to creating and selling an online course that you can get here.

Another excellent guide for startup edupreneurs – a whole series of eBooks in fact – is available here.

What It Takes To Kick Off An eLearning Business (+ 25 Video Course Ideas)

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