Affiliate marketing: a potential springboard for your courses

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Affiliate Marketing has a unique set of advantages that make it an essential part of an effective online marketing strategy.

It is a symbiotic relationship between merchant and affiliate. Both benefit from the partnership. For affiliates, they can pay their web hosting fees with the income earned from an affiliate program, and some can earn a more substantial income from it. They have an incentive to deliver traffic to your site and sell your courses. The merchant gets to reach new customers they might not otherwise have access to, and agrees to the affiliate taking an agreed percentage of each sale for the privilege.

Affiliates’ site content is relevant to what you are selling. It’s not just splattering ads and seeing what sticks, it’s placing ads on sites whose content is related to the product being advertised. If you were selling a car accessory, you’d want it to appear on motoring sites. If you are selling courses, you want your courses to appear on sites whose visitors are likely to be interesting in your course. That’s what affiliate marketing does.

It’s a more effective use of your advertising budget than buying banner advertisements or other advertising. The fees and rates for this type of advertising are a gamble – there is no guarantee of return on your investment. Many entrepreneurs waste a lot of their own money trying different advertising channels as they search for one that works. With an affiliate program, it’s all based on performance. You only pay for results. And it’s not even ‘paying’ in the sense that you write a check for a service that comes off your bottom line. On the contrary, you earn money. The only ‘payment’ is the percentage of the course sale that goes to the affiliate, and you set that yourself in advance. Then you keep the lion’s share of the sale.

By having affiliates, your courses – and your brand – gain exposure. And it’s targeted exposure, hitting the right demographics and interest groups, on appropriate websites. Building your image and brand name in this way means that prospective customers are more likely to return to your site and make additional purchases. By using other people’s websites to drive traffic and sales to your website, your search engine ranking can also benefit, as affiliate marketing uses strategically positioned links to your site. It’s also fast. It takes very little time to put an affiliate program into action, and is a quick way to reach the audience you need, and there is no financial risk.

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